New Technology That is Changing Retail

Posted by Vayyar on 21 April, 2020

Vayyar retail sensors track kpis, shopper insights and inventory levels

Radio Frequency (RF) technology, often used interchangeably with the term “radio,” refers to the use of high-frequency currents and electromagnetic fields, alternating at rates of thousands to hundreds of billions times per second.  The rate of alternation of a radio signal, called “frequency,” is measured in units called Hertz which define the number of cycles per second of the radio signal. 

By way of example, AM stations use frequencies around one megahertz (MHz: million cycles per second), cellular phones and GPS use frequencies about 1-2 gigahertz (GHz: billion cycles per second), WiFi and microwave ovens operate at 2.5 GHz, and radars typically use frequencies from a few to tens of GHz. Radio waves have been utilized in almost every aspect of our lives including communication, satellite technologies, remote control operations, watercraft, television, and even in the medical arena.

One of the latest industries RF technology is making waves in, is retail. Vayyar has developed a solution that remotely provides retailers with important insights about their store, such as shopper insights and inventory levels.

Vayyar’s radar-based retail sensors offer a number of features:

  • Privacy protection - There are no cameras involved, so shopper privacy is protected, while the sensors can work in any lighting conditions.
  • Inventory Tracking - Ensure your stores are always stocked to their fullest. Avoid missed sales from out-of-stock inventory.
  • Shopper Monitoring - How many shoppers are in your store? Know how sales patterns will change in the coming weeks.
  • Checkout Lines and Customer Service - reduce wait times and make sure your visitors are well served.
  • Map the Shopper's Journey - enhance product placement and store layout.

This sensor technology is also used in robotics, automotive, smart home, senior care, medical devices, homeland security and more. Implementing it in the retail industry gives the retailer a deeper understanding of store performance, customer service and sales conversion. All information collected is private and GDPR compliant. The hardware and software packages are easy to install and manage. KPIs, benchmarks and alerts are fully customizable and presented in a simple dashboard or integrated over an API. 

With its RF technology, Vayyar is innovating the way stores handle everything from wait times to inventory to consumer decisions, bringing IoT to retail.


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