New Remote Monitoring System Predicts & Alerts for Falls

Posted by Vayyar on 15 June, 2020

Vayyar Home's remote monitoring system

The revolutionary, new, hands-free fall management system that is 100% automatic provides remote health monitoring in the easiest way possible.

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Vayyar Home is a revolutionary, new, hands-free fall management system that is 100% automatic. The need for remote monitoring has become crucial in preventing the spread of germs, keeping both residents and staff members safe during our current climate. This solution addresses two of the biggest challenges facing senior living communities during this unpredictable time: health monitoring and fall management.

No Wearables, No Buttons, No Cameras - Just Pure Safety

Vayyar Home provides remote health monitoring without the need for wearable devices, buttons, pendants, or cameras. It monitors a resident’s room and, in the event of a fall, immediately alerts staff.

Vayyar Home has allowed Coronado Heights to provide a new level of remote monitoring, while watching over all of our residents and keeping them safe without having to go into their room, disturbing them or risking the spread of germs.

The system also tracks health trends and changes in resident behavior patterns, such as irregular sleep activity, bathroom usage, or changes in daily routine. Vayyar Home also provides preemptive alerts to caregivers and staff for signs of health deterioration.

See Vayyar Home in action in the video below:


The system is easily installed. Simply place it on the wall in the resident’s room and it can immediately provide health updates using advanced sensing technology. The data it gathers is private and anonymous and gets delivered into the central nurse call system, showing staff the status of every resident at-a-glance. It provides daily, weekly and monthly reports on each resident’s health patterns and behavior trends to help track resident health over time.

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The Team Members You (Always) Wish You Had

For the facility staff, it tracks their response rate to adverse events and identifies ways the senior living community can better optimize staff leading to happier residents and less overworked employees.  Improving response times ensures the safety of residents and provides staff, families, and residents with the peace of mind that their health and well-being is a top priority. Another benefit of this system is that it allows family members to check up on their loved ones, with real-time health updates.

Marcus Pegross, Executive Director of Coronado Heights Senior Living in Las Vegas, NV, has experienced the benefits of the system firsthand in his assisted living and memory care facility. “Vayyar Home has allowed Coronado Heights to provide a new level of remote monitoring, while watching over all of our residents and keeping them safe without having to go into their room, disturbing them or risking the spread of germs.” In his experience, having Vayyar Home in his community “gives residents and their families peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are being cared for 24/7.”

Re-imagine Fall Detection & Prevention

This device differs from other alternatives on the market because it doesn’t require wearables, buttons, or pull cords in an emergency. It uses non-optical imaging technology that allows for rich and accurate data collection without using invasive cameras. This enables complete monitoring in sensitive locations such as bedrooms or bathrooms while protecting the resident’s privacy. It also works in a variety of environmental conditions such as complete darkness, bright light, smoke, or steam. Vayyar Home has proven to be extremely useful and successful in keeping residents health during the COVID-19 pandemic and can change the future model of how senior living communities function.

Unlike other remote fall management systems on the market, Vayyar Home is extremely affordable. Vayyar’s goal is to be in as many communities as possible to make a positive impact in the field of senior care. The system is already performing across the globe in facilities across 15 countries and 4 continents.  A typical resident setup includes two to three units that cover the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Of course, different rooms and layouts can be covered by as few or as many sensors as necessary.

Given our current climate, Vayyar Home provides a much-needed solution to keep staff and residents safe and families informed from a distance. Vayyar is rapidly expanding within the senior care industry and changing lives with safe, affordable technologies.

Improve Fall Prevention in your Facility With the Ultimate Fall Management Solution

Vayyar Home is a proven solution designed to help senior living communities protect their residents effectively and affordably while optimizing human resources and saving costs. It delivers 4X more accuracy than other automatic fall alert systems and doesn’t require any wearables, buttons, or cameras. 

Vayyar Home provides a holistic overview of residents' locations, health status, breathing analytics, and other important analytic events with a simple-to-use dashboard that not only alerts institutions if a fall has occurred, but also provides insights if residents’ health is deteriorating so they can take preventive action.

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